Julia Morgan

"We are building for him a sort of village of a mountaintop overlooking the sea and ranges of mountains, miles away from any railway, and housing incidentally his collections as well as his family. Having different buildings allows the use of varied treatments, as does the fact that all garden work is on steep hillsides, requiring endless steps and terracing."

Julia Morgan letter in Ibid., p. 184.





1.  Born in San Francisco in 1872
2.  Degree in Civil Engineering from Cal Berkeley
3.  In 1896 she was refused admission to study art in Paris, since no women had been allowed.
4.  Won most of the prestigious architecture competitions in Europe, forcing the hand of allowing her to study art. 
5. Returned to San Francisco as an architect and opened her own office in 1904.
6. Work includes St. John's Presbyterian Church in Berkeley, YMCAs in Oakland and San Jose, and parts of Hearst Castle. 
7. Later in life Julia endured complications with a mastoid operation and it left her face unsymmetrical.
8. Julia Morgan died in 1957 at the age of 85. 
9. Lodi Unified School District opened Julia Morgan Elementary School in 2001. 
10.  Each day our school gives our best effort to honor her name by being the best we can be !!




As you can see by the pie chart, our school is rich with ethnic diversity.  We come from all different backgrounds and cultural history.  Yet we each have our own story to tell.  We're proud of each other, and we're proud to be part of the Morgan Family!!