Principal’s Message


In 2012-2013 we revisited our vision and established 3 goals.

1. Promote a Positive Learning Experience
2. Achieve Academic Success
3. Create a Strong Home-School Partnership

We continue to focus our learning community on these goals and look forward to a successful 2017-2018!



Last school year's focus of an Anti-Bullying campaign will continue this year!  We offer tips to students that include:
1. Try ignoring it, to see if it was a short term concern.
2. Tell an adult in your life that you need help.
3.Offer a word of praise to the student who is bullying. ( Surprising effects! )
4. When parents and teachers need assistance the school administration is here to help!
5. Our attention this year will include the help from


This year we will be recognizing student achievement based on pre-determined criteria.  This will enable students to strive for their goals and anticipate if they have earned honors! 
Perfect Attendance: no absences or tardies
Life Skill Award: all 3s and 4s on the life skill section of the report card
AR Grade Level Leader: based on AR points
Language Honors: Top ELA student/s in class
Math Honors: Top Math student/s in class
Other honors are being developed and will be announced soon!